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Stop Making Excuses And Start Delegating

Small Business Owners Should DelegateThere is one word that all small business owners and entrepreneurs should learn to use without hesitation. That word is delegate. It’s such a simple word, but for most it’s the hardest to act on.  This is especially true with new or struggling business owners who think it’s just easier and faster to take care of the task themselves. Trust me, as a wife and mother I’m all over that thought process. It just goes with the territory.

The problem with this is while you THINK you’ve got it covered, the so-called “busy” work is taking over your day and probably much of your evening as well. How many times since you set up shop have you been late for dinner with your family? Missed a little league game? A birthday party? All because you had just a bit more paperwork to finish up, a few more emails to answer, or one more appointment to schedule. I could go on and on.

All kinds of excuses are made about delegating work to others. Does this sound like you?

  • I can’t afford to hire help
  • It will be faster if I do it
  • I can do it better than anyone else
  • This company is my baby and I don’t want to take any chances with something going wrong

Unfortunately, things may already be going wrong. If you are so focused on taking care of the day-to-day tasks that comes with running a business, you are obviously not focused on your business expansion, including billable hours and client relations. You’re drowning in the details.

That’s where Clerical Essentials comes in. As a Virtual Assistant, we take care of  the administrative work for you. Sometimes you just have to realize your limitations, step away and trust that the tasks you delegate are taken care of and your business will be better for it. As for affordability, most business owners would be surprised at how cost efficient partnering with a Virtual Assistant is. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and we’ll show you how our services can help you get your business back on track!


Angi Shields is a Virtual Assistant and owner of Clerical Essentials

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